2020: A year that’s changing the world, a year that’s changing us.

When it comes to Ethical Wills, we always say the time is NOW.  But 2020 has made this all too real for us. There has never been a better opportunity to write your Ethical Will, and we’re asking you to take hold of that opportunity with both hands. (Is this your first time hearing about Ethical Wills? They are really important, in fact, they are the most important document in any estate plan. Read about them by clicking here.)

2020 is the year we have the time.

Anybody –

  • spent any extra time at home this year?
  • have travel plans get canceled?
  • had moments of wondering how to fill a day?

Exactly.  Covid-19, the great equalizer, has vastly changed the way the majority of us spend our time. We aren’t saying you have nothing worthwhile to do. On the contrary, since “normal” life has changed, we have the time to give our attention to things that are extremely important but often get pushed to the back burner because of our schedules.  Well, the schedule has changed. Take advantage of it and create your Ethical Will.

2020 is the year that is forcing us to face our values.

2020 hasn’t just changed our schedules and our daily habits. It’s changing the way we view life. Think about it. Coronavirus, the uprising of racial issues, a struggling economy – our thoughts and conversations are vastly different than they were 6 months ago. As individuals, families, and organizations, we are being forced, on several fronts, to decide what we believe, where we stand, and what we’ll represent.  The state of the world and our country is causing us to face our own core values. What better time to write them down than now, when they are at the forefront of our minds? 

2020 is the year that is reminding us that life is fragile and uncertain.

The coronavirus has been scary. Some of you might disagree, but if it hasn’t been scary for you personally, it has probably been scary for someone you love – someone elderly or with a compromised immune system. It has reminded even the healthiest and strongest of us that life is fragile and that it can be snuffed out unexpectedly. Not to be morbid, but the idea of death really makes you think doesn’t it? If you were to die today, be it from Coronavirus, a car accident, or something else, don’t you have thoughts you want to be passed on to the people you care about?  Write them down. Remember that life is fragile; don’t take it for granted. Create your Ethical Will for the people you love most. 

2020 is the year that will change our history – globally.

It’s not every day that the whole world is talking about the same thing – but we are.  Coronavirus is on the minds of all major governments, has affected international travel, and, ironically, has brought humanity together in an unforgettable way. The events of 2020 are changing history, and the lessons we’re either learning or being reminded of through it need to be passed to our children.    Start thinking about the values, morals, and most important parts of yourself that you want to stay with your family and friends. We aren’t saying any of this to scare you. 2020 has already been filled with plenty of fear, confusion, and struggle. But it has also handed us golden nuggets of wisdom, and a chance to grow as individuals and as communities. Don’t miss them. Let’s not waste these precious gifts. 

Download your Ethical Will How-To Guide, and start recording the important things in light of all we’re going through.