Meet Our Team.

Our team practices in Winchester and Northern Virginia, and we specialize in estate planning, elder law, and estate administration. We love to build strong personal relationships with each of our clients so that we can help them accomplish their goals.

Let us get to know you and help you create a legal plan that gives you the confidence and peace of mind you need for the future!

Relational Estate & Elder Law

Get to Know Us

Each member of our team brings a unique skill set to the table, but the one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about providing the best possible legal services for our clients.

Josh is both founder and attorney here at Relational Estate and Elder Law. His passion is to go beyond drafting legal documents to helping clients envision their futures. Josh knows that creating high-quality end-of-life documents now means his clients can have confidence about the future, and his desire is for as many people as possible to experience this peace of mind. Josh is a visionary who leads both our team and his clients with competence, ambition, and a readiness to tackle any obstacle that may arise. Click here to learn more about Josh!

Abigale is Josh’s Executive Assistant, and our team depends on her to keep our schedules streamlined each week. Abigale is also skilled at building warm relationships with our clients, and she loves getting to know them and hearing their life stories. When she isn’t assisting Josh with his daily meetings and administrative tasks, Abigale answers the phone and helps people talk through their questions. If you catch her when you call in, she is sure to make your day with her bright demeanor.


Joyce is our Client Relations Specialist, and she uplifts both our team and our clients with her vivacious and caring personality. Joyce is a true “people person” who loves meeting new clients and getting to know them and hearing about their goals for the future. She holds many introductory calls with clients to gather information about their needs before their consultation with Josh, and her caring and fun personality will put you at ease right away.

Anna is our Director of Marketing and our Chief Culture Advocate. She specializes in presenting our estate and elder planning philosophy to the public and works with our team internally on personal development and education. She and Josh recently co-authored a book, “Fearless: Facing the Future Confidently with Relational Estate Planning®”, which you can learn more about here. Anna brings creativity and expression to our team, and she is well-loved for her thoughtful, ardent, and lively spirit.


Dreama is a paralegal and our Director of Operations here at Relational Estate and Elder Law. She is also a notary who assists with estate and elder planning matters. She works with clients to get their documents officially signed and ensures that each part of our process meets the Virginia or West Virginia legal standard of excellence. Dreama is an incredibly hard worker, and she constantly brainstorms how our team can improve our processes and client services.

Patrick is an estate and elder planning paralegal whose sharp eye for details we couldn’t do without. Patrick proofs and organizes legal documents to ensure the documents we present to our clients are highly accurate. He also assists with client signings as both a witness and a notary. Patrick is almost as funny as he is astute, and his quick sense of humor keeps us laughing. 

Paula is our Estate Administration Lead, and she guides estate administration clients as they navigate the probate process. She is also skilled accountant who is a huge asset to our firm in regards to tax planning. Paula is brilliant but down-to-earth, accomplished and still approachable, and direct while also being one of the most caring people you’ll ever meet. She’s an expert in her field and a blessing to our team. 


Lauren Paige is our Marketing and Intake Assistant. Her organized and sharp mind keeps track of  the many details that go into keeping our marketing materials up to date and our space welcoming and hospitable for clients when they arrive for consultations and document signings. She is excellent at customer service and quickly identifies what our clients need or who to direct them to. She thinks of small things that are easy to miss, and we are so grateful for her.

Rachel is a paralegal who specializes in maintaining our Guardian Program. She gathers data from clients that we use to keep their estate and elder plans updated and effective as their lives, relationships, and assets change. She is a crucial part of our continued relationships with clients and our ability to give them advice as they age. You may see her at our front desk, where her calm and accommodating spirit welcomes our clients and makes them feel at home.

“Very Personable

Mr. Hummer drew up a will, advanced directive and a power of attorney for me recently. He is a very personable attorney; he took the time to get to know me and we had a great conversation! His staff was very friendly and his office was immaculate. I would highly recommend Mr. Hummer if you are looking for an attorney!”

-Cody M.

“Excellent to Work With

I relocated from another state so I was keen on updating my plan. Josh and his team are excellent to work with and clients have the added advantage of the educational webinars and other tools offered covering a number of topics. The organization and presentation of documents will definitely provide a roadmap for my representatives to make managing my affairs much easier.”

-Dixie A.