Our team practices in Winchester, Northern Virginia, and throughout the Shenandoah Valley. 

We specialize in estate planning, elder law, and estate administration, and we love to build strong personal relationships with each of our clients so that we can help them accomplish their goals.

Let us get to know you and help you create a legal plan that gives you the confidence and peace of mind you need for the future!

Get to Know Us

Each member of our team brings a unique skill set to the table, but the one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about providing the best possible legal services for our clients.

og: image Joshua Hummer

Josh is both founder and attorney here at Relational Estate & Elder Law. He is licensed in both Virginia and West Virginia, and his passion is to go beyond drafting legal documents to helping clients envision their futures. Josh knows that creating high-quality legal documents means his clients can have confidence about the future, and he wants as many people as possible to experience this peace of mind. Josh is a visionary who leads our team and his clients with competence, ambition, and a readiness to tackle any obstacle that may arise. Click here to learn more about Josh!

og image: Dreama Maloney

Dreama is our Director of Operations here at Relational Estate & Elder Law. She is also a paralegal and notary who assists with estate and elder planning matters. She works with clients to get their documents officially signed and ensures that each part of our process meets the Virginia or West Virginia legal standard of excellence. Dreama is an incredibly hard worker, a caring and supportive manager, and an expert at brainstorming how our team can improve our processes and client services.

og image: Samantha Vandeberg

 Samantha is our Intake Specialist. She holds introductory calls with new clients to talk about their assets and relationships, gather information about their estate planning needs, and schedule them for consultations with Josh. Samantha is one of the most compassionate and resourceful people we know! You will appreciate her authenticity, empathy, and joy as she asks you personalized questions so our team can offer you the individual legal services you need.

og image: Abigale Lukens

 Elijah is an Estate Planning Legal Assistant who assists in drafting and revising client documents until they are exactly what that client needs. Elijah is meticulous, prepared, and attuned to what is needed at any given moment, and his bright mind is always open and looking for the next thing he can learn about estate planning and our clients. Elijah has a gracious and helpful demeanor, and clients always enjoy talking with him on the phone. 

og image: Paula Tennant

Paula is our Estate Administration Team Lead, and she works with clients who are navigating the complicated world of grief after losing a loved one. Paula guides executors through the probate process and trustees through the trust administration steps. She is also a skilled accountant who is a huge asset to our firm in regards to tax planning. Paula is brilliant but down-to-earth, accomplished and still approachable, and direct while also being one of the most caring people you’ll ever meet. She’s an expert in her field and a blessing to our team.

og image: Paula Tennant

Lindsey is our Estate Administration Administrative Assistant. She assists Paula with the many minute details, recordings, and communications that come with estate administration. Together, she and Paula help our grieving clients through steps that would be extremely difficult and overwhelming for them to figure out on their own. Lindsey is quick to laugh and has been a sweet addition to our team. 

Lauren Paige Sorsen

Lauren Paige wears several hats – she is our HR and Training Specialist, as well as our Marketing Assistant. She has used her strong teaching skills to create a systemized approach to training new hires, and she successfully gets people up and running in their roles as fast as possible. Because of how organized and detail oriented she is, she is also the brains behind the events we plan and how we disperse our marketing materials. She thinks of the minute things that are easy to miss, and we are so grateful for her.

og image: Olivia Cornett

Olivia, as our Receptionist and Intake Assistant, is the first to greet our clients when they walk through our doors, and her cheerful, peaceful demeanor will make your day. She works to keep our office space comfortable and welcoming, and she is wonderful at caring for our clients. She also answers phones and helps with scheduling. Olivia is known for her proactive and kind customer service. She is always willing to help people with their needs and questions, as you will see! 

“Very Personable

Mr. Hummer drew up a will, advanced directive and a power of attorney for me recently. He is a very personable attorney; he took the time to get to know me and we had a great conversation! His staff was very friendly and his office was immaculate. I would highly recommend Mr. Hummer if you are looking for an attorney!”

-Cody M.

“Excellent to Work With

I relocated from another state so I was keen on updating my plan. Josh and his team are excellent to work with and clients have the added advantage of the educational webinars and other tools offered covering a number of topics. The organization and presentation of documents will definitely provide a roadmap for my representatives to make managing my affairs much easier.”

-Dixie A.