Our Recently Published Book

Fearless: Facing the Future Confidently with Relational Estate Planning®

We wrote “Fearless: Facing the Future Confidently with Relational Estate Planning®” because, traditionally, estate planning focuses on distributing assets and saving on taxes but neglects to account for your most important relationships. Relational Estate Planning® is distinct in that it starts with your most important relationships, and then uses your assets as tools to plan for their well-being in the future. If you need to plan your estate but want to do so in a way that protects and cares for the people you love most, you need Relational Estate Planning®.

You can download the introduction for “Fearless” here to begin reading, then purchase your copy below! 

This is not another reference book full of legal jargon. It’s a practical and inspiring guide that helps you envision what you can accomplish for your loved ones at the end of your life and then introduces you to the tools to make it happen. 

Joshua E. Hummer, Esq.

Co-author, Attorney-at-law