Our friend, Peter, is one of the most kind-hearted men you could meet. When we explained the idea of Ethical Wills to him, he was all over it – eager to pass on his love and his beliefs to both his community and his family. After looking at different examples, he decided to craft his Ethical Will in the style of a statement of faith. Below is a synopsis of his spirituality, his desires for his loved ones’ lives, and his heart for his money after his death.

Peter’s Statement of Faith

You’ve probably heard that I died, but nothing could be further from the truth!  I am alive and well, enjoying the presence of God for all eternity.  It’s my hope that you will take great joy in my recent promotion, which was possible not because I earned or deserved it, but because Jesus rescued me from the penalty of my sin by dying in my place, and I now live with Him.  It’s also my prayer and my request that if you haven’t discovered the truth about God sending His Son to die on the cross so that none should perish, that you would search this out with great urgency.


God has sustained me throughout life’s joys and sorrows, and I praise Him for the many blessings He has given to me, especially my family.  I recognize that all of my earthly possessions are a gift from God that He entrusted me to manage during this brief life. In the event that I pre-decease my wife, who is the most important person in the world to me, she shall inherit all of my tangible property and continue to manage it as entrusted to her from God.  If my wife should pre-decease me, I have made provisions to continue to support some of the organizations we were involved with as they share God’s love, forgiveness, and freedom with others.  My heirs will also receive a portion of what God entrusted to me, and I ask that you be good and wise stewards of His blessings.


As my last words to my loved ones, I hope you know how much you were loved.  My personal relationship with Christ is the most important asset in my life, and my deepest wish is that you have, or will come to have, that same trust in Jesus and experience His gift of love and forgiveness.  For those of you who have made this decision, I look forward to seeing you again and celebrating with you in our life hereafter.  May God grant each of you peace, love, and strength as he guides you through this life and into eternity.

Think About Your Own Ethical Will

Peter’s Ethical Will is an example of one that is short and sweet but packed with his important thoughts. It has a familiar feel, as Statements of Faith are common, although each is worded differently. This is one way you might consider creating your Ethical Will, but there are many other options! For examples of other types of Ethical Wills, click here.

[Disclaimer: We are sharing this Ethical Will with the author’s written permission. All names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.]

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