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Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Planning for the inevitable is a very important way to show love and care to your loved ones. Money is no more than a tool to bring closure to the relationships that have enriched a life, and should be handled accordingly. We call this estate planning philosophy relational estate planning, and have seen it bring confidence and peace of mind to our clients, strengthen and encouraged their loved ones, and fill them with satisfaction about what they are leaving behind.

Elder Planning & Elder Law

Our vision is to equip clients to protect both themselves and their elderly loved ones as they move into years where they are at higher risk of being taken advantage of.

We are passionate about getting to know our senior clients, hearing their stories, and strategizing plans that prevent future abuse and neglect or remove them from current abusive situations.

Probate and Estate Administration

Here at the Law Office of Joshua E. Hummer, PLC, we take time to get to know our clients, understand the losses they have experienced, and help them through the estate administration process in an empathetic and timely manner.

Our job in estate administration is to help the family of the deceased make sure the deceased’s assets are distributed according to their wishes and the law. The objective is to get loved ones through the process with minimal disputes and stress.

Ethical Wills

Essential as wills, trusts, and other legal tools may be in ending well and creating an effective estate plan, these all pale in comparison with the significance of an ethical will.

“Wonderful Experience

Josh was a joy to work with. He is bright, efficient, understanding and kind. The turn around on the documents I needed was much quicker than I had anticipated. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone I knew, without reservation.”