Ethical Wills

Ethical Wills:

Passing on Your
Beliefs, Values,
and Life Experiences

Your Ethical Will:
Leaving Your Legacy, Morals, and Values

“By the time we come to realize that the years ahead are far fewer than the years we have already lived, we confront the discouraging truth that, unless we do something about it, all that hard-won wisdom will disappear with us when we die.”

-Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, from the Foreword of Ethical Wills & How to Prepare Them

As essential as wills, trusts, and other legal tools may be in ending well and creating an effective estate plan, these all pale in comparison with the significance of an ethical will.

Similar to the way a Last Will and Testament passes on your money and physical assets, so your Ethical Will is designed to pass your deepest values and beliefs to your loved ones. Because of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual nature of these records, we find that they are the most impactful part of any estate plan – both for the giver and the receiver.

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