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Relational Estate Planning®: What It Is and How It Can Bring You Confidence to Face the Future

Learn about our unique approach to estate planning and how it can give you and your family peace of mind about whatever the future holds. In this presentation, we explain how we developed our Relational Estate Planning philosophy and how it is a more holistic and meaningful approach than traditional estate planning. We explain five goals that every estate plan should accomplish. We also explain the tools to make those goals happen, such as wills, trusts, estate guides and inventories, and more. This is a great introduction to estate planning for beginners, and a new view on estate planning for those who already know about it.


Legal Tips for Preventing Elder Abuse

This presentation seeks to educate and equip aging adults and their families or caregivers. In it, we outline some of the struggles and opportunities for abuse or neglect aging adults face as they decline, and how to plan to prevent those situations. Through a relational estate plan that includes a community of professionals, various legal tools, and technological tools, we can greatly reduce the risks that people face as they age.

Legal Tips for Navigating Major Tax Law Changes

With the economic ups and downs of the past couple of years, tax laws have already changed, and more changes are undoubtedly coming. In this presentation, we discuss the three types of taxes to consider as you plan your estate: income tax, estate tax, and capital gains tax. We give you best practices for tax planning, and guidelines for when you need to update your estate plan due to tax changes.

Our Speakers

og: image Joshua Hummer
Josh is both founder and attorney here at Relational Estate and Elder Law. He is licensed in both Virginia and West Virginia, and his passion is to go beyond drafting legal documents to helping clients envision their futures. Josh knows that creating high-quality legal documents means his clients can have confidence about the future, and he wants as many people as possible to experience this peace of mind. Josh is a visionary who leads our team and his clients with competence, ambition, and a readiness to tackle any obstacle that may arise. Click here to learn more about Josh!
og image: Anna Michal Wishart
Anna is our Director of Marketing and our Chief Culture Advocate. She specializes in presenting our estate and elder planning philosophy to the public and works with our team internally on personal development and education. She and Josh recently co-authored a book, “Fearless: Facing the Future Confidently with Relational Estate Planning®”, which you can learn more about here. Anna brings creativity and expression to our team, and she is well-loved for her thoughtful, ardent, and lively spirit.

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“Very Personable

Mr. Hummer drew up a will, advanced directive and a power of attorney for me recently. He is a very personable attorney; he took the time to get to know me and we had a great conversation! His staff was very friendly and his office was immaculate. I would highly recommend Mr. Hummer if you are looking for an attorney!”

-Cody M.

“Excellent to Work With

I relocated from another state so I was keen on updating my plan. Josh and his team are excellent to work with and clients have the added advantage of the educational webinars and other tools offered covering a number of topics. The organization and presentation of documents will definitely provide a roadmap for my representatives to make managing my affairs much easier.”

-Dixie A.